My Free WORKOUT AT HOME 4 Weeks Fat Loss and Muscle Building Program. 

During the Covid 19 Pandemic this program is available for free to help you lose fat , build muscle and stay active while at home. Minimalistic Equipment and body weight exercises.


View my Youtube Channel dedicated to massage guns tutorials and techniques  to improve mobility and recovery .


My Youtube Channel with reviews on fitness gear and tech and all things that can support your fitness lifestyle.


my specialties 

As a multi skill trainer, I offer a series of programs that can be customized to the client depending on his goal. Within my specialty areas I offer one to one coaching, large and small group training, couples and also buddy training. Below are some of my fields of interest.




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"Nuno has a flair and aptitude for motivating people in the interest of their health and well-being. He keeps himself up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in health, fitness, and mental well-being. He is entirely holistic in his methodology.”

Ghoncheh Tazmini,PhD,  Executive Director

Portugal Middle East Business Association, Vising Post-Doctorial Fellow, SOAS, University of London

"I have had a pleasure to have Mr Fidalgo at Holmes Place Cascais,Portugal, as my boxing coach in a period of October 2010-August 2012. Mr Fidalgo started my boxing training from the very basic level as I had no previous boxing, or other martial arts experience.

Due to Mr Fidalgo's professionalism and his tailor-made methods that suited to my learning style my punching as well as kicking techniques are now enviously appreciated by my fellow gym members! Mr Fidalgo was very capable to understand my learning process- he systematically built new aspects on the top of the skills that I had learnt in previous sessions. He was supportive but still firm when I faced difficulties in learning some of the techniques. He was very fun to work with and he greeted me always with his big smile.

I truly can recommend him to anyone who is willing to learn a new skill. I wish him luck in his new stage of life. I will miss you, Nuno!

Should you have further queries please contact me. i will be glad to discuss about any further aspect you might to know about Mr Fidalgo's coaching style."

Raili Cardamone,Master in Law

"Nuno was a fantastic personal trainer. Although I exercised fairly regularly prior to enlisting his services, Nuno managed to push me to train harder and smarter than ever before. Nuno’s cross training method  ensured that I was never bored during our workouts. And his focus on form helped me never get injured during our training sessions. Within a few short months, I was able to lift more weight and saw more muscle definition than ever before.

I’ve had several other personal trainers, but none of them were able to match up to Nuno. Others haven’t challenged me in the same way. I have no problem exercising by myself, but I saw much more progress with Nuno in a short timeframe than I could’ve achieved on my own.

Although I have since moved away from Singapore, I’m still trying to find a trainer who can take Nuno’s place. But those are some big shoes to fill."

Victoria Chen , Internal Marketing Manager at Facebook



Nuno is a Master Trainer at Fitness First Singapore.

To engage his services you will also benefit of the membership options available at FF Singapore .

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