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"The only Way is Through"
Everything Under Armour designs is meant to make you better. 


UA is until this date my preferred apparel source, the fabrics are light, great quality and durability and they do not accumulate smell from sweat , regardless how much I wear them. 

The men's collection is amazing.



Under Armour Hudson Backpack

Of course that, for the modern day life "fitness" individual, a tactical backpack with loads of storage and durability is a must.

The padded back with extra hard cover to protect your laptop, adds some weight to the bag, but greatly compensated by the comfort that the back pads, extra wide shoulder straps and chest clip provides.Making this the most comfortable bag I've used to date

click below to see the full video review!




I first discovered Vivobarefoot shoes after doing an online workshop with The Foot Collective.

Decided to do a 100 day challenge, wearing nothing but these shoes. 

25 days in, I made a life changing decision of never wearing standard shoes again (video coming soon) 

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