Over the course of my 20 over year career, i've seen all sorts of gimmicks and products coming out as being "the next big thing".

Being a Fitness & Wellness Development Manager has allowed me research and try most equipments out there.

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Whole foods is a pillar of my nutrition. However as I age I feel that good nutrition just isn't enough, and after having such an intense career in fitness teaching around 16 hours of exercise a week, my body needs more than what I can get from food. 

Total body optimisation and all the supplements I recommend come from best sources possible. 


My choice of apparel and shoes.

With an active lifestyle and more than 20 years of career in the fitness industry it's safe to say I've tried every major brand out there. 

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Recovery has exploded in the last 3 to 4 years.

In this section I'll share my best tips and tools for recovery to help you keep moving and recovering from those hard workouts.


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It's a digital era.

Over here , I'll keep updating the best smart gadgets and apps you can use for your fitness lifestyle to help you stay on track. 


I started as a one man show creator.
In this section I'll share what gear I'm using and why. 


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