I purchased a Hypervolt in June 2018, when massage guns were just starting to come out. 
Since then I've tried and tested many brands, but I still come back to the original product.

Its reliability, durability and innovation won me over and it's such a big part of my life, I rather invest a bit more cash on the original product. Click the link to purchase in Singapore  

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Hyperblade USA introduced me to this equipment in February 2020 for a test and video review.

It soon became a recovery favourite!

Hyperblade is a revolutionary tool that combines the ancient technique of Gua Sha, with Microvibration and Microcurrent aka NMES( neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

I've been using it predominantly on areas like the wrists, hands, shin muscles, feet and also the neck.
It has become my go to tool for these specific areas

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Video coming soon




Rehabzone Singapore kindly offered the Hypersphere Mini for a video review when it first came out. 
Since then, it's another of my favourite tools. 

I keep the Hypervolt at home and carry the Mini which is much smaller and lighter in my backpack for before and after workouts!

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Rehabzone Singapore kindly introduced it me in 2018. 

It's since then, my favourite Roller.

No fitness professional can do without a good roller, as there are some techniques that only feel good with this tool.

The Vyper 2.0 is a great roller even without the vibration, premium materials and durability makes this another recovery favourite.

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