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My most recent camera. 

Small body, flip screen, excellent autofocus, superb HD quality and the ability to use the whole range of Canon Lenses if I want to.

Compact , easy to use perfect for Vlogging



Released to be the mobile phone for Youtubers.

Great quality image, 4 Cameras with one Wide Angle. Ability to manually control all the settings on the camera just like a DSRL and super audio quality headphone jack and AMAZING video Stabilisation. 

It was my main camera before the Canon M50, and I still use it for a lot of content when the size of a mobile phone beats a DSLR.


GoPRo Hero 7 Black

A revolution in quality and stabilisation of video, I use it for multiple applications, and not just action filming. 

It's compact size, excellent image quality an smooth video allows me to use this camera when a gimble isn't possible to use and I want smooth shots with minimalistic gear.

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